Social media addiction

Warning Signs of Social Media and Internet Addiction:

  • Compulsive use of the internet
  • Failed attempts to control behaviour
  • Neglecting sleep to stay online
  • Even online when using the toilet
  • Lower appetite
  • Withdrawing from studying and working
  • Becoming very angry when the internet is disconnected.
  • Extreme FEAR of missing out (also known as FOMO)


Dr Barbara Louw compiled our online workshop on Dealing with Cyberbulling.  This self-paced workshop provides a valuable oversight on aspects of this fast growing problem.

Let's Stop Bullying in our communty!

We offer counselling, coaching and training fro parents, granparent, teachers, counsellors and pastors.

There are CPD points awarded for this online workshop.



Bullying, conflict and being hurt.

By Dr Barbara Louw


Memory Infographic 01

This infophafic illustrates how memory is impacted by the trauma of bullying.

People seem to minimize the impact of bullying by saying it is just a little conflict or squabbling between two parties. The reality is that bulling is controlling behaviour where there is a power imbalance.

In bullying, this imbalance starts with a perception of being ‘superior’ over someone who seem to be ‘inferior’, in one or many ways. This perception can come from elevated social status, being physically larger, older, and more popular. Deep-rooted causes include jealousy and bitterness. People who bully perceive their target as a weak, vulnerable coward. The bully seem to find some satisfaction in hurting, harming and humiliating someone else.

Free Colour Page/s

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tn Boelie Algemeen

Bullying touches the community on multitude levels. We are committed to help our society heal and become well by creating awareness and educating parents, educators, pastors and counsellors how to deal with bullying.

Children will be introduced to the project under the colourful banners of "Be A Buddy Project", with a bear as the mascot.

Our approach to dealing with the effects, causes and aftermath of bullying includes solutions focused interventions. At every talk, workshop and seminar we present, we work with the school, church or workplace to explore solutions that are suitable for them.

Here is a set of 'Stop Bullying'- posters to assist you to raise awareness in your organization.

Please download, print and spread as wide as possible!

Bully Free Zone! - Posters

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Awareness of Concerns - Posters

tn Bully Health Concerns tn Bully Safety Concerns tn Bully Concerns School Life

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