Posttraumatic Reminders

Many people dread the beginning of a new year. For them it is the worst time of the year, because this time is filled with lots of emotional triggers that we would rather avoid. Some associate this time with the death of loved ones or the separation because of divorce or emigration of family members.

The emotional triggers and loneliness are made worse by an inability to connect to the people around them, because of deep rooted emotions such as fear, grief, rage and bitterness. We can be lonely in our own company as well as in the midst of colleagues, friends and family.


Losing sight of God’s mercy reminds us of our shortcoming and faults of the people around us. The beginning of a new year can emphasize our spiritual turmoil, because we try to live up to an unattainable ideal of religion. Stress changes the body’s metabolism and the festive diet tends to aggravate feeling of not-being-well. This is a time when we don't eat regularly and pile on sugars, alcohol, fatty and food with empty calories that puts our nervous systems under a lot of strain.


Dealing with the Posttraumatic Reminders

-          If you are seeing a therapist, schedule a coaching session/s as soon as possible. This will help you to pace yourself and decide what you want to do.

-          Find your own meaning.

-          Take care yourself.

-          Rest.

-          Eat healthy food. Drink enough water

-          Cultivate compassion in your heart for yourself and others.

If you are struggling to cope get help! There is no shame in reaching out for support and help.