To help people find hope and become victorious by helping them to make informed decisions.


The main object of the company is to create and maintain a multi-professional support group for the community, by the community, by recruiting psychologists, social workers, legal advisors, church leaders, business advisors, and volunteers for the community to serve as an effective and self-reliant support/ empowering system.


We are committed to…

The purpose of glorifying God.

Excellent victim support, guidance and counselling.

Adding value to people and capacity building to communities

Building strong relationships with associates, clients and the community.

Proper stewardship of Inter Trauma Nexus.

The personal growth of each team member.

Doing the right things and doing things right.


Inter Trauma Nexus is Christian Ministry Network offering multi-professional support, mentoring and coaching.

Since 1998 Inter Trauma Nexus’ aim was to create and maintain a multi-professional support system for the community, by the community, by recruiting psychologists, social workers, legal advisors, church leaders, business advisors and volunteers from the community to serve as an effective and self-reliant support and empowerment system.

The word ‘trauma’ comes from the Greek word that means ‘to be wounded’ and we are passionate about helping people to find hope and be healed.

This ministry is a network for people who are passionate about helping people. It includes professionals, nonprofessional counsellors, other ministry workers, supporters and care givers. Including professional and nonprofessional people is appropriate because 75% of clients need support, encouragement and a little loving care. 23% of clients need guidance, direction and practical encouragement to deal with specific issues. Only 2% of our clients need professional counselling, therapy and serious medical intervention.

Inter Trauma Nexus recognizes that trauma and crisis call for local needs-based solutions. A key feature of addressing needs is mobilizing community members to participate in planning, strategizing and addressing the needs of their communities. This type of approach encourages the community to become an active and valuable partner in crime prevention, crisis management, trauma relief facilitation, addiction resilience coaching and helping people to acquire life skills to be able to live dynamic lives. One of the ways to mobilize people and empower communities to respond to crisis and trauma is through recruiting, training, and utilizing volunteer supporters, to serve as valuable resources to their communities.

The vision of our hearts  is to offer leaders, pastor and caregivers a network where we can help each other to be 'healed ministers' for God’s Kingdom, instead of 'broken healers'. As 'healed ministers' we can live in the calling of Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to help the people around us to put trauma behind them and come in a dynamic relationship with God. We can minister to people, because we have the Holy Spirit as Wonderful Counsellor (Is 6:9). We can help people because we are not defined by our painful experiences, but by the grace of God and His calling.

There are many professional bodies for people with specific academic qualifications, but nonprofessionals often feel orphaned and excluded. Inter Trauma Nexus is an anchor point where nonprofessionals can associate, network, receive practical training and encouragement. This is a safe place for encouragement, challenging and a sense of belonging.

Dr Barbara Louw

Chief Executive Officer